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your time is now

as a founder - sometimes you feel alone. we plan to change that quickly, and effectively. we will be by your side and help you make your dreams real, and what' better we help ensure you reach millions of people too. 


we are founders too, we are creators too.

we are you, and we are real.

let us make your dreams real too.

Markhor Social in Nepal,
your way to reach the world.

we will build you a world of possibilities with consistent content on social media, beautiful ads, catchy influencers & modern websites.


Social Media

Social Media is now one of the most powerful marketing tools with the ability to communicate with a target audience in real-time


Cut through the smoke. Fuel your brand and drive results with beautiful ad campaigns that become the new culture.


We’ve been chosen by over 

700+ leading creators to be part of our influencer Program & we would love to connect them to you.  


Make your ideas real. Build yourself a website with our help, grow with no restrictions or limits. Like we did.

Trusted By:

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build your reality now!

@Felicity Inc

India, Nepal, Bhutan, the World.

+91 6291577320

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